The New
Life Project

Our Vision

“To mold children to become more like Jesus, and to give them an opportunity to do with their lives what their heart desires.”

The New Life Project Logo

What This Project Does

1st-9th Grade

Provides childcare for children from1st-9th grade, from morning to afternoon while their parents are working.

What they get

Children will receive healthy meals, School supplies, uniforms, & educational activities.

As a Bonus

Medical check-ups & practical life skills such as agriculture training, sewing, baking and more.


Parents have the option to learn these same life skills, in agricultural training, sewing, baking and more.

Monthly Classes

We host parenting classes on a monthly basis.

On Top of That

Additional activities are held to support learning, and teachings of God’s word.

One of the teachers at Blessing to the Nations

It All Starts With You

The New Life Project will have 100 children. All children must be sponsored to particpate in order to help reach the financial cost that is needed for each child to receive services. The cost to sponsor a child is $40.00 per month. Donations can also be made at any time for any amount. All donations are tax deductable.

See What Locals Have to Say

Here is a short video of the Parents who have children that are in the New Life Project. Check out what the locals say

Thank you for your interest & support!

God is transforming this village and we are asking others to join Him with the transformation.