Generating Change

We aim to make a difference in the world by spreading the word of the Gospel, and improving lives all across the globe.

Our Impact, & How it Works

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We teach children in-house, and stock both ours & surrounding schools with supplies each year.

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Medical Clinic

Our new Medical Clinic now has a doctor on staff.

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We have several projects to improve the area & the lives in them. Help us move mountains.

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Ending Child Poverty

This biggest issue in our part of Honduras. We aim to help others help themselves, but we need your help.

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New Life Project

Starting in 2010, this project’s goal is to:

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Mission Trips

We host missions regularly, and love it when visitors get to make a  real, positive impact on our community.

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How You Can Help

Become a Sponsor

Sponsoring a child helps in more ways than one. It creates a way for a child in need to access education, medical care, and more.

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