A Story from a Sponsor

A Story from a Sponsor

Built on Prayer

This story comes from a dear friend and sponsor:

Kellye C.

My word for 2020 is REFUGE, and God laid this on my heart this morning:

So I have still at times doubted refuge as my 2020 word. That all changed at 7:15 am today.
A very VIVID memory came to my mind.
When we started construction on the medical clinic in Pane, we asked people who contributed to write a prayer on a slip of paper. We took those prayers to Pane and they were placed in the cinder blocks that the building is constructed out of.

Funny thing, I never wrote my prayer, so when I returned it was too late to include mine. So my friend Jamie and I came up with an idea. We took a sharpie and wrote in the concrete.
That entire week my prayer had been that my sweet Cynthia (she and I are another long story that i won’t share today) would always know the clinic was her “REFUGE” and that if she ever needed help she could come there and receive it. So REFUGE was written in Spanish on the wall that day.
The last time I saw Cynthia, I was finishing up my day in the clinic and she came to the window I was beside and reached her hand out to me. It had been 2 years since I had seen her face. She had found me in the place I had prayed for her.
Pane was my refuge for so long and I pray I can return again.

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